Key Project Goals: 
User Goals: The primary goal was to understand general gaps the users faced during on-site job search. The secondary goal was to identify user pain points that prevented them from creating an indeed account. 
Business Goals: The primary goal was to increase indeed account creation and encourage users to apply for jobs using the indeed platform.
My Role: User Experience Designer, I conducted the heuristic analysis, created target persona, usability interview preparation, conducted usability testing, re-designed the first version of the prototype and did concept testing. 
Heuristic Analysis
The site usability experience was low for the following Heuristics:
Error Prevention: Few navigational pages and associated pages did not correlate. There were certain jobs postings that required the user to leave the indeed website and apply on company website. However, the associated link led the user to another job site where the user was required to create another account in order to apply for the job.
Visibility of system status: The website indicates where the user is in the top left corner of the website. However, it is not easy to read and understand where one is within the process as a user.
User control and freedom: The user is unclear about the exact number of steps it will take them to complete the application process. It isn't clearly indicated at the beginning of the process. Users can be informed about the exact number of steps it will take them to complete the process at the beginning. E.g. Step 1 - fill personal information, upload resume > Step 2 – fill experience > Step 3 – review or edit. 
A user survey was done to test assumptions and identify target personas. 
Target Persona
"I'm almost done with school and looking to begin my career, but all the jobs I'm qualified for want 5 years experience."
Age, Gender: 28, Female 
Education: Graduate Student, Communication 
User wants to find an entry level position that will allow her to begin her career and continue to grow. She is relatively young and lacks extensive work experience. She has bee applying for jobs for the last 3-5 moths and is frustrated by the inconsistencies between platforms. After applying through numerous job sites user lost track of what job applications matched which job sites. 
User Study
To find out real user problems
User Study Tasks 

Number of Interviews: 12 
(As a group we interviewed 12 participants, Individually I interviewed 4)

Task Completion Analysis
Quotes by Participants during User Testing
Prioritization of Findings 
Several themes were identified post the user interviews, we presented the top ones to our stakeholder.

1. Create an account value statement on the homepage that defines the value of account creation. In addition, make the CTA more prominent for the users to see it easily.
2. Create one consistent login and account creation pathway. Have a consistent language throughout the process. Inform user about where they are during the creation process.
3. Allow users to filter with skillset instead of titles. In addition recommend Indeed Prime to users who are unable to find relevant matches.


3 out of 4 participants found the account creation value statement useful. 2 out of 4 participants liked the fact that they were informed about where they are in the process during account creation.
The current website has implemented the first recommendation. Visit 

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