What are brands all about? Why are they important?
“Brands are simply a core personality of a product or an organization. They are skeptical.“
They are important because consumers think, behave and buy on the basis of personality. Earlier, branding was only considered as a visual impression. Today, branding is much more than simply a visual appeal. A brand should reflect substance. Consumer today sees a brand as a representation of sophistication. Brand today relates to organizational behaviour and becomes more a part of strategic business development. Infact a brand representation today is a significant factor for business growth.
Why are brands important today?
With the boom of internet, there is a boom in speed and inter connectivity of services. The internet has allowed us to interact with the clients and the consumer faster. It has helped overcome distance. Today, a brand consumer is not rescrited to a particular region. Brands are recognized and are available for consumers all across the world. This has also inturn increased or has lead to more “competition.”
“A rise of COMPETITION.“
“TECHNOLOGY“ is the key driver of KNOWLEDGE and INFORMATION and technology is also the key driver of“INNOVATION.“
“So the bigger question is if technology and knowledge is available then why is branding important?“ Despite so much of awareness and information there is still lack of fundamental design. There are thousands of companies/organizations that offer a similar product/facility, then how will the consumer decide what is better for him/her. There has to be another way for the company/organization to stand out and be available to the consumer. THAT’S THE ANSWER! “BRANDING IS AN INTANGIBLE ASSET.“
“What is a brand?“
A brand is a signature of authenticity. Most people consider a brand to be simply an identity. A brand Identity has got connotations and extensions. A brand is more than just identity. It is fundamentally a personality, with behaviour and characteristics being its core values. Think of brands as a person-What makes a person a person? A person you recognize and remember.
You need to stand out. You need to have a connection, things that reflect your personality. That’s where your core values come from, your own experiences, culture, your surroundings. You do remain static however you and your behaviour changes over time. Similarly brands reflect there core values and also change over time. To establish and brand a product/company/organization you need to understand where it has come from. Its heritage.
The problem today of branding is that its moving away from what it is. If one starts branding a product away from its core value or its personality the consumer will not understand and relate to the brand ot its product. The brand will have no meaning or resonance anymore to no one will be able to relate to it. Brands should communicate the way they are. Who they are? What they are? What they represent?
“The basic attributes of a brand: Emotional Functional Cultural The basis of any good brand is it’s quality“
Example: McDonalds, has a consistent quality and brand positioning. It is different from the similar others there. The real power lies between the emotional and cultural values a brand represents.
A consumer makes choices on how he feels about that particular brand. Trust is the major key factor that reflects. Example : why would someone spend 180$ on clothes? That’s where brand trust comes in. Consumers are like sheep, they want to be part of a tribe. The high level brand aspires you, makes you feel good. People will buy your brand if you fit there tribe. We don’t buy something because it is not fit for us. These are emotional choices that a consumer makes. Then there are cultural choices. For example M&S is all about ‘being green.’ There is belief this belief which acts as added value and makes the M&S brand morally and ethically strong. Adding these values to a brand helps in establishing it as a strong brand in the market full of similar brands.
These values and personality of a brand is established by its strong design presence. Design creates personality. Consumers today buy with their hearts. A brand is all about choice and a good brand design help the consumer pick your brand.
Great brands have their head in the cloud and their feet on the ground.
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